Web Object Issues in Edge

Feb 13, 2020

Has anyone experienced issues with Web Objects not functioning properly in Microsoft Edge?

I have a course that has a Web Object embedded. The Web Object is being used to display 1-2 page PDF documents and it works well in Chrome and IE, but when opened in Edge we are loosing all of the PDF viewer features - including scroll. So basically users can see a snippet of the PDF, but cannot scroll to the rest.

I did figure out that you can scroll using the arrow keys on a keyboard, but this is not at all intuitive.

Has anyone else experienced this? Any ideas for a fix?

*Unfortunately I cannot add a file or video due to proprietary information.

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Katie Riggio

Hey there, Kay. Happy to dive in!

What version of Edge are you running? I experienced a similar problem in Edge 44. However, updating to the latest version, Edge 80, seemed to do the trick! 

Here's a short recording of my test, and here's a link to the published output. Could I have you also try my link to see if you run into the issue there?

Let me know, and we'll explore our next steps from there!

Katie Riggio

Happy Wednesday, Kay!

Let us know how you go after your IT team grants admin rights for the installation. My hunch is that a new version will resolve the problem, but we'll keep digging if it doesn't!

Also, the link to my original output expired, so I'm sharing a new, non-expiring one right here.

Thanks for keeping me in the loop!

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