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Greetings!   I have a YouTube video that I would like to play within the course player.  I've added it as a web object on a new layer that is viewed upon clicking on an object on the base layer.  It works when I preview it as a web object - however it does not work once published.  I also added the link to the Resources - that works, but I REALLY want the video to play within the course player.  Is there a trick I'm missing, or a known issue with making this happen?

Thank you in advance for all your help!


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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Amber and welcome to Heroes!

When testing your published output are you testing it locally? If so, features such as web objects may not behave as expected. You'll want to test within the intended publish environment (web server, LMS, etc.) and there are a few free options to consider in this article. 

Hope that helps! 

Amber Killberg

Hi Ashley,

Thank you for your response.  I tested it in the LMS and had the same result.  In Chrome nothing happens, in IE I get an error message about content not playing within the frame.  I'm wondering if this will happen with all internet links I attempt within the frame of the course, or if it's limited to YouTube/video links... Thoughts?



Bruce Holliday


I concur with you. Webobject to youtube video does not work, intitially. However if you right click on the video you get the option to embed the code. Do that and copy everything within the iframe tags. Drop that into a new myvideo.txt document and top and tail with html tags for example:

Save that on to your server/host and point your webobject at that. Publish your story and away you go. This method gives you more control too.

See attached for an example.