Web Object oddity

Has anyone noticed any issues getting web objects to display & function when publishing for Web? I'm using the same file and publishing for Web and it doesn't work...I publish for LMS and it works?!? Also, some web objects seem to have issues in Chrome but not in IE. I'm gonna try FF now just to check.

EDIT: As Steve Flowers pointed out, Chrome doesn't handle iFrames locally; needs a web server (web objects are placed in iFrames by Storyline). But the issue remains: publishing for Web doesn't seem to show web objects???

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Phil Mayor

Ashley Terwilliger said:

Hi Jason,

The published output should be viewed in the intended format (web server, LMS, etc.)  that it was published in. That is likely what is causing the problem when you view on the web. Viewing the LMS output locally does not necessarily guarantee that it will always work. 

Hi Ashley, If you have seen the previous posts from Jason he has already done this, in fact he has done more troubleshooting than most people do.  He has a genuine issue.  I would recommend putting in a support case, Jason.  I cannot replicate this issue execepyt in mobile safari.