Web Object Off-Center

I've been trying to embed this web object into a Storyline 360 project: https://poly.google.com/view/3JYgQS5EiUn/embed?chrome=min. It always looks off-center. You can see that Scene 6 of 6 at the bottom is off, and it should be centered as in the link. 

I've tried embedding as a web object and as embed code, but I keep having this problem. Has anyone else experienced something like this? How did you correct it?

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Vincent Scoma

Hey Heather,

Thank you for reaching out and sharing what you are seeing! 

I reviewed the linked object and it looks like this is an interactive 360 photo. At this time, our team is keeping an eye on this feature/idea of using 360 photos in Storyline. 

I was able to find a thread that provides some workflows on how to add 360 photos into Storyline that you may find helpful. You can find that thread here

I will be sure to add this conversation to the current request so we can update you with any news we have to share in the future! Please let me know if you have any questions about this!