Web Object Options - Browser Size Problem

May 16, 2012

I am having issues with the browser size not working like I expect it would. The browser page is not scaling to fit the web content when I play the content.  When the browser window initially opens the size  appears correct based on my settings, but then resizes down the a browser window that appears to be the same size as the player window. And the ability to resize by the user is disabled.

When I test the link from the Edit Web Object window, the link launches and appears in a normal browser window.

I am runing IE 7

(And, yes I am playing it all back from a web server, not just my desk top.)

My Web Object settings:

  • Display in a new browser window
  • Load Web Object automatically
  • Browser Controls - All browser control
  • Window Size - Full Screen ( I also have tried all three options with the same results.)

Any ideas?

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