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Crystal Horn

Hi there, Ravindra.  With my initial testing, I'm seeing the same thing.  I added a web object to be loaded when clicked, and I used a "poster frame" image for it.

When I published and viewed the output using Chrome, it launched the HTML5 output.  In HTML5, I saw the broken image icon.  When I allowed Flash Player to run and relaunched, I was able to see my poster frame image and click to show the web object.

Can you confirm if you are having the same behavior between HTML5 and Flash output?  You'll see _html5.html in the URL if that is the output being shown. 

The workaround I'd recommend for now is viewing in a browser that has Flash Player enabled.

Leslie McKerchie

Hi Ravindra,

Thanks for the additional details. The error may be more specifically related to the website security of the URL you are adding and it not playing in an iFrame.

Take a look at these two slides in my example. Both images/websites are working as expected if I have the website set to launch in a new window.