Web Object Resize when running in Flash

I am having a problem with inserting web objects.

I have inserted a full screen web object in a page, this runs correctly in HTML 5.

But when run the same published output in Flash, the web object resizes (scales down) and also displays on top of other items, despite being on the bottom layer.

Any help would be greatly appriciated.

Note: I have tested web objects created with Adobe Edge and web objects created with Swiffy.

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Peter Anderson

Hey Matthew!

Unfortunately, some player elements get obscured by web objects on the slide in Storyline (but not in HTML5). In other words, some player elements will actually appear behind web objects. This also affects videos inserted from websites (such as Screenr, Vimeo, Google Videos, etc) and imported Engage interactions, since these are also treated as web objects.

And this workaround may help with the sizing of your web object, though it doesn't sound as if you're getting scrollbars or margins. Is that correct?