Web Object troubles


I've been trying to insert a web object hosted locally. Even though it is fairly straightforward I followed the tutorial on this, and the web object works perfectly when testing the link and from the folder of origin. However, when I publish to the web, the web object doesn't work in Storyline at all. The object itself is a jquery based html file, and is a simple scroll-through of several images from a CT series.

Can anyone be of any assistance in making this work?

Thanks for your help.

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Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Fletcher and welcome to Heroes! 

First you'll want to check that you're pointing to the file called index.htm or index.html in the folder you select, and any supporting files that are necessary for your web content to function must be in the same folder.

Next, when you publish your course to properly test it you'll need to test it within the intended environment to allow the web object to display properly as described here.