Web Object Video Controls


Previously, my company developed eLearning in all videos that were published to an HTML formatted site.  Recently, we have started to utilize Storyline 360 to add some interactivity into the courses along with the video lessons.  The videos are stored on AWS to make it easier when videos need to be updated.  I know that I have to use a Web Object to embed the videos in my courses (I have tested and it works), but I also want to be able have specific events occur based on the video playback.  These events include:

  • Starting the video automatically when the slide begins.
  • Advancing to the next slide when the video ends.
  • Pausing the Timeline/Video when the video or Timeline is paused.

In my research of the Articulate Community, I found that I would need to utilize an Execute a Java Script trigger for this.  Am I correct?  If yes, can anyone provide me some tips on what the Java Script needs, and if I will need multiple Java Script triggers for each event.  We have someone who can write the script, but I want to give him the information that may be needed in the script.

Also, we currently use the Flow Player for the videos, but we are looking into getting a new player.  Are there any video players that may not be compatible with Storyline?




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