Web Object will not display in slide or load automatically

I am trying to load a web object in Storyline but it will not 'display in slide' or load automatically.  I have managed to do this previously but now have 2 instances where it does not work  -  one being a revision of an earlier published course.  The video opens in a new browser but I then have no way to close it and proceed to the next slide.  I have tried using layers and timelines but they do not work.  The  only solution is multiple instructions to the user to press play/close window, etc. which is very cumbersome.  Why did it work for me earlier in the year but not now?

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Jo Turner

I have used several video clips in the past which have been embedded.  The only option I now have in articulate  is to insert the URL.  I think an update about 6 months ago removed the embed option in Storyline.  Previously I was able to embed these videos.  YouTube is not an option due to company policy re copyright.