Web Objects and iPads


I have several courses that have web objects in them.  The web objects are games/interactions created with Game Maker.  They work beautifully when using a desktop, but when you are in the course using an iPad, you have to advance to the next slide, then using the "Previous" button to return to the slide with the interaction.  It won't load the first time you get to the slide... you have to either go forward then back, or back then forward again.  Is there some way I can fix that?  That can't be right.

Also, I have several slides that include a process, and the learner progresses through the process by clicking buttons.  Each object on that slide has an initial state of hidden, then as the learner progresses, the appropriate objects change to normal state, then back to hidden.  The triggers to make the objects go back to hidden aren't working on the iPads.  Can that be fixed?

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