Web Objects in Storyline display Security Error only on LMS

Nov 12, 2013

Hello eHeroes,

I have created a course with video web objects embedded into a slide. The videos are uploaded to our S3 server and I have a created an html page that plays the video. When I publish the site to our Amazon S3 server there's no issues at all loading the web objects. But when I load the same course to our LMS (Halogen, I've also tested this on ScormCloud) we get an error that looks like this "

If I select "No" the video loads like normal but when I select "Yes" I get a page that displays:

I'm not sure exactly what the issue is that would cause it to play back on our S3 server and not through the LMS. I read through this post by Andrew Seilon (http://community.articulate.com/forums/t/23402.aspx) and he didn't get a lot of responses.

Anyone have any tips or suggestions?



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Dennis Hall

Hi Roger:

I'll assume your LMS is a locally installed system (inside your domain).

You will need to coordinate with your IT department to authorize the domain and verify the MIME type are allowed to be accessed from within your domain.

That is step one to being able to view the content that resides outside your network.

Once thae information above is in good order, you will then need to look at the connectivity to the domain that the video is on. You cna then let your IT department know the URL that is being accessed from within your LMS.

Also, search for an explanation of CrossDomain.xml on the internet. Understanding this file may help you understand what is being blocked when running on your LMS vs. running from a system outside your domain.

Best Regards,

Dennis Hall

Roger Ho

Hello Dennis,

First off thank you for replying so quickly and forgive me for sounding a little naive. We're currently accessing our LMS (Halogen) through a web portal. If the LMS isn't within our domain do I still need to have our IT department authorize the domain and verify the MIME types?

Another important fact I should've mentioned in the above post is that we're currently using IE8. I just did a google search and it looks like there's a lot of issues with IE8 and handling mixed HTTPS/HTTP content. Halogen and the test cloud.scorm.com are both https:// sites and in the html page I reference to http:// content.

Quick test: Accessing the course through the Amazon S3 server on http:// (unsecured) there's no error message. Accessing the course through the Amazon S3 server on https:// (secured) I do get the same error message.

Dennis Hall

Hi Roger:

You are correct. It was important to mentions teh secure HTTP requests being called from with an HTTP request.

I recommend you follow through the security options in teh threads you have been reading to correct this issue.

FYI: The security options will need to occur on every users PC that is running IE8.

Good luck,

Dennis Hall

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