web objects no longer scale with the browser

Apr 18, 2019

Since this latest update the web objects are no longer scaling with the browser.

I can provide private review links to compare the two publishes upon request; one from latest SL update, and one from previous. Sorry can't share the tech demo with public.

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Jamie Ciocco

Thanks so much, Jean-Guy; I'm also monitoring this issue and hoping for a resolution.

So it sounds like following the instructions to install a previous version and going back to version 3.25 of Storyline 360 will work? Have you run into any problems with version 3.25?

Obviously that's not a good long-term solution, but we're running low on options if the engineering team isn't able to quickly locate and reverse the code change that caused this serious error.

Jean-Guy  Boulay
Leslie McKerchie

Hello Barb and welcome to E-Learning Heroes :)

Thanks for reaching out and sharing what you are running into with your software.

It sounds like you would be best suited to work directly with our support team on this and I've opened up a support case on your behalf.

You should be hearing from someone soon.

Yes Please re-enable the old install or even better just fix the scaling of the webobjects. It's like the support team is working against us.

Allan Weghorst

I just posted the same problem on this discussion: https://community.articulate.com/discussions/articulate-storyline/scaling-and-web-objects

The webobjects used to scale with the browser prior to version 3.26. But starting with version 3.26 in April webobjects no longer scale, and now get scrollbars when the browser is too small.

I created a very simple test to illustrate the problem, and am providing the source files.

Compare the same storyfile here published with versions 3.25 and 3.32 (and resize your browser to see the difference)

Storyline 3.25 HTML5 Output  (the old scaling way): 

Storyline 3.32 HTML5 Output (new non-scaling and with scrollbars):

Source Files: 

Note that I tried Modern and Classic (with scaling) players and the results are the same.