Web objects not showing up in LMS system


I have designed a section of a course using web objects to call .pdf's from our companies server so the learner can read over the information at their own pace.  When I double click on the object in storyline 360 it grabs the .pdf and displays it properly.  However, when I install the learning module on to Cornerstone the web objects do not display.  I tried in both preview and live modes of Cornerstone and the objects do not appear.   Is there something I'm doing wrong?  Any suggestions or advice on using web objects?  



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Sam Hill

Hi Caren, it is possible that Cornerstone is HTTPS and the PDFs are on HTTP and being blocked? You can find this out by hitting F12 on your browser and looking at the Network or Console tab. You would likely see a message in red with regards to the file being blocked. Another idea is that you may need to be logged in to your company intranet in order to access the PDF, or is the PDF on a public server, for example, if you gave me the link I could access it?