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Michael Fimian

Hi Peter,

How's the job working out?  Nice to be receiving a paycheck after my being out for 14 months...

The project is a trimmed down version of what Tom and his folks have posted for tutorials for Storyline, so all the web objects point to Articulate.com. We're going to use this with the students we're employing to help transform Becker College's online courses.  Since they didn't need to learn everything about SL, we've trimmed the list down to what they will have to use.


I'll send the file in a sec...

Peter Anderson

Thanks for the link and file So I'm not sure what was going on here. I got the same thing as you. So I imported your project into a new Story and it seems to be working properly now on the Mobile App. Take a look at let me know if the web objects are centered: