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I am wondering if someone could answer the following questions.

I am trying to use Engage'13 and have has success importing web objects to my Articulate Storyline. However, when I try and load just the normal .html version it doesn't seem to work. (HTML5 doesn't seem to be supported in Ie11)

Does Engage only work in HTML5? 

My other questions is, does anyone know how to get Ie11 to support Storyline's HTML5 output?

Chrome loads the HTML5 just fine. 

Sorry if this confuses anyone. Feel free to let me know if anything need clarification...

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Christine Hendrickson

Hi Glenn,

If you take a look at our system requirements for Storyline here, you'll see that we do not support HTML5 in IE. Chrome, as you've already seen, works much better with HTML5 content. 

As for Engage '13 content, you should be able to view the Flash version, but I'm not entirely sure how you're testing this.

If you haven't already and you're using Engage '13 as a web object, please make sure you're testing in the environment for which its intended. Make sure you're uploading to a web server or LMS before testing - try not to view the content locally. 

If you've already tried this, can you tell me if the Flash/HTML version loads in Chrome? I'm not sure if that was only specific to the Storyline HTML5 question or if this was also the case for your Engage interaction web objects. 


Glenn Monroe

Well the problem with Engage'13 content and Storyline is that they aren't compatible currently. So I have to import them into Storyline as web objects. Unless you are implying that there is a way to get them to play inside the flash player (I don't believe you are). 

As far as chrome goes, you are correct, it works wonderfully. 

If I upload the content to the web server will I be able to view the web object in IE or is using IE in general just not suggested for web objects. Or should I say will the web objects show up in normal HTML and not HTML5?

Thank you