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Sep 02, 2014

Hello everybody,

I need some information concerning the use of Web Object :

    -  Can I use a webpage with a video ? The video will open and play normally during the presentation ?

    -  If the user is offline during his e-learning training, does the web object work normally ?

Thank your for your help,

Boris Hudec

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Leslie McKerchie

Hi Boris!

Here is our tutorial for Storyline on adding web objects. You would not be able to link to an online web object if you're viewing your course offline.

If your web content is online: Type the URL of the appropriate web page into the Address field.

If your web content is on your local computer: Click the Browse button (looks like an open folder). Then navigate to the folder that contains your web content, and click OK. (Note: There must be a file called index.htm or index.html in the folder you select, and any supporting files that are necessary for your web content to function must be in the same folder.)

Emily Ruby

Hello Boris,

Here is a tutorial about adding web objects.   If you are adding from Youtube, you can view this information to assist.

If your users are going to be viewing offline, please make sure you publish the content for CD as outlined here, however you will need to  be connected to the internet to view the web objects.

If you need anything further, please let us know.

Joseph Gallegos

Is anyone else having a problem with viewing embedded web objects?  When I embed a web object (a website, for example, other than one in my domain), I cannot see it on the slide.  I am ONLY able to see am embedded web object (web page), IF the web page is on my domain.  I have tried embedding a web object with https://... but still doesn't work.  It shows in the preview, but not live.  I have checked this cross-browsers, and still the same.  This is a recent issue, I have always been able to see web objects when they are embedded. 

Any ideas?

Emily Ruby

Hello Joseph and welcome to Heroes!

Are you testing your content locally? We recommend testing your content in its intended environment, your LMS or web server.

You can also test this with Articulate Tempshare  or you can use the SCORM Cloud as well.

Also here is some more information on why this may be happening for you.

Please let us know if you need anything else.

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