Web output- character encoding?

Hi heroes, 

I wonder if there is any way to change settings for character encoding to ANSI for web output? I have deliverd a course to a customer for web (not LMS) and everything looks fine on my web server, and on one of my customers web servers. But when they move the course to the the "production server" all characters within the entire course crash. Their technicians want me to change the encoding to ANSI but is there really any way of doing that before publishing? If so, how? 



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Vaishali R

Hello Ashley,

Thanks for your reply. I have asked customer's LMS team to check for WOFF files support but still they are looking for ANSI encoded version of the course. I tried to change the charset in meta.xml,  imsmanifest.xml, story_html5.html, index_lms_html5.html but it did not work still.

Is there any setting within storyline to change the encoding?



Leslie McKerchie

Hello Vaishali,

The modification of the published output is not something I could assist in supporting. I have seen a similar issue shared here and the user shared how they were able to make a correction needed.

Curious what LMS you are using and if anyone may have some experience to share with you here.

Vaishali R

Hello Leslie,

Thanks for your answer. I have already done changes to the files mentioned in the link. 

Our customer is using InfoCaption LMS. After I changed to ANSI encoding, the course still shows distorted fonts and result is also not registering to LMS. They do not support WOFF it seems, as they said it is needed for web browser support and not in the server :)

They sent us this to check if we have met all requirement specifications


Any guidance regarding this is much appreciated.


Matthew Bibby

Vaishali, this page shows the current browser support for WOFF.

As you can see, it's very well supported.

Servers, such as your LMS, do need to be specifically configured to support different file types, including WOFF files. Typically, it's a trivial change for a server administrator that should only take them a few minutes to do... even if they need to google how to do it first! (hint: 'mime types for WOFF files' should get them started).

The requirement specifications that you provided aren't related to the font issue at all, but it is interesting to note that they don't make any mention of ANSI.

Have you tested your course in SCORM Cloud? Doing so will highlight that the issue is with the LMS you are using and not Storyline or the browser. 

Regarding ANSI... that refers to encoding formats (such as Windows-1252) that are used to encode latin alphabets. Whereas UTF-8 (which Storyline uses) can encode latin alphabets as well as other characters that are used in different languages. UTF-8 can do everything that ANSI can and is widely considered to be the encoding scheme of choice. To give you an idea of how little ANSI is used, it is estimated that less that 5% of webpages are encoded in this way.

As far as I know, you can't just change the charset used without causing issues. You'll end up with a jumbled bunch of text in your slide.

Anyway, good luck!