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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Heather,

Welcome! Hope things are off to a great start as you get started with Storyline! I wanted to point out there is a great tutorial here on working with web objects and that link will also show you all the other tutorials on our page (I gave you Storyline 2, but if you're using a different tool here is aa link to all the tutorials). 

Heather Dykes

I wonder if the issue is because I am not hosting the content on a secure server??

When I click on the tab(s) I can tell it is trying to go to the layer that I created for the web object (link to external video). But instead of displaying the web object (link to video) it is displaying a blank gray screen.

Heather Dykes

I did that and it still doesn't work.  I just get a blank gray screen.

Here is a picture of my main slide that shows the trigger to go the layer. 

And another showing what the result is when the tab / button is clicked. 

The second button, Variables, works. It take the user to the Variables layer, which is just a link to an article. I created it the same way, by inserting a web object, and making a trigger to go to the Variables layer when the variables button is clicked. 

Finally I added the zipped file. The problem is with slide 16. 

Is it just a problem because I'm not hosting the video on a secure server?

Wendy Farmer

I guess you'd need to ask the owner of the video - do you have permission to link to it? I'm not sure what type of external video you're trying to access. 

If you want to use the Contact Me button on my profile and send me the link I'm happy to try it for you. Unless you're happy to display it in the forum