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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Erwin,

Did my link show that in Chrome for you? I use Chrome for most of my testing, so that's where I viewed it originally and it did scale correctly and I was able to use the PDF buttons. Perhaps there is an extension in Chrome or similar blocking access to those features?

If you can share a link with me, I'm happy to give yours a try too! 

Erwin Ancheta

Hi Ashley,

Yes your link works in Chrome but mine does not :(

Please see screenshot.

I wonder what seems to be the problem?

Below is the link that you can test:


Thank you.


Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Whoops - I hit post reply too soon! :-) 

I also republished your project for Web and uploaded here. That one displays normally for me again. Can you check that?

I'm curious if our project sizings are different, so I've also attached the .story file with the changes I made. Can you try publishing that one? 

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Erwin,

Were you able to access my second link normally? I didn't do anything to change it other than resize it to the slide size you were using. 

I think at this point it would be great to have our Support Engineers dig in a bit deeper, so I'll open up a case for you and share the files. 

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Erwin,

Perhaps you're not receiving Cleo's emails? Can you check your junk/spam folder for anything from Support@articulate.com?  I'll have him try reaching out again. 

Here's his latest message:

From: Cleo Sinues, Articulate Support
Sent: 12/7/2018 12:22 PM 
Subject: RE: Case #01618237: Web object display [ ref:_00D30Txo._500f31F6ixf:ref ] 

Hi Erwin, 

Thanks for contacting Articulate Support and uploading your project file. 

I tested the link that you provided in the forums (https://articulate.fyi/2QhkSGa) using Google Chrome v71. The lightbox displayed the WebObject with PDF smaller and on the upper left part. See screenshot: http://share.articulate.team/03f478365a32 

Using the latest Storyline 360 Build 3.22.17236.0, I published your project for Web, without resizing the Web Object that will display your PDF file. Note that the WebObject dimensions is1689px X 900px, while the Story size is 1280px X 900px. See test link here: https://articulate.fyi/2RH1UVN 

Upon testing, the lightbox displayed the WebObject in full but the PDF was way beyond the right side. See screenshot: http://share.articulate.team/f58f50d0a5ad 

I resize the Web Object to fit the Story Size 1280px X 900px. For comparison I also added a new slide and inserted a Web Object similar to the lightbox slide that you created. I republished the project using my Storyline 360 Build 22. Attached is my Web published files for testing in your AWS. I uploaded the same published file to our AWS and you can test it here: https://articulate.fyi/2RAdQZG 

Upon testing, the PDF in the web object is displayed at the middle. See screenshots: 

Web Object in Lightbox: http://share.articulate.team/0b29f12119bd 

Web Object in Regular Slide: http://share.articulate.team/6f4093148e5c 

Based on the test result, I suggest that you try to clean install your Storyline 360 using the latest build. Please follow the steps in this article to fix it: 


Then try to modify your Web Object and republish your project for Web. See if this resolves the issue. If not please provide screenshots when testing my published contents. 

Let me know if this information helps. 

Cleo Sinues 
Storyline Support Engineer 
Articulate Support

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Erwin,

You responded here in the E-Learning Heroes discussion - did you see Cleo's email? 

I shared your latest screenshots with him, and he'll try to reach out to you again via email. If there is another email address we should be using, please let me know. We're currently sending to your Gmail account so I can't imagine that's blocked with any spam/junk filters, but please double check those folders. I see a few other email addresses that may be yours too - so let us know if we should try one of those.