WebObject sending variable to slide

I'm trying to have a webobject send a variable to the slide e.g. when the game has been completed it will trigger the "next slide."  So far, in Edit/WebObject I have seen nothing that can do this.  There was a 4 year old post mentioning external communications but it was about Flash not HTML5.

How would such functionality be accomplished -- I mean to have a WebObject e.g. a WebGL game, upon completion, can send a POST request in order to change a variable and go to next slide.





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Przemysław Hubisz


Here is the example as long as you  can add code to the webobject:


Code (thanks to @Michael Anderson for the idea)

This function can be attached to the end event in the game.

function letKnow() {

var Player = parent.GetPlayer();

Then in Storyline in the same slide you just use trigger when variable change (nextSlideCheck) jump do next slide.