WebObject with a dynamic URL in Storyline 3 -- yet another question about this

May 04, 2020

There have been lots of posts on this, and I haven't seen one that really provides a good answer.  I would think this would be a basic feature for a WebObject.  By constructing a URL from Storyline variables, I can show what I want a bunch of different ways, but it always involves calling the URL to run outside of Storyline 3 -- window.open -- either in a separate tab, or using _self.  But then getting back to Storyline 3 has all kinds of issues.  It's a ton of work, and not seamless.

A Webobject is the perfect solution for me.  A lot of the posts are years old.  Has a better way come along to use reference variables in a webobect?  I just tried it and if failed.    Thanks

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fbs 419

So I have made limited progress on this, thanks to a couple of old posts:


and especially


In Chrome and Firefox, this type of code works displaying a local site

var iFrameElem = document.getElementsByTagName('iframe')[0];
var player = GetPlayer();
// set up a url based on a bunch of storyline variables
iFrameElem.setAttribute('src', url);

Some websites won't work because of security, and Edge gives a blank page for some reason.  But I guess this is possible.  Thanks to those past trailblazers.

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