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Christine Hendrickson

Hi Sebastien!

Where exactly is the user providing their login information? In the course before they see the web object, or in the web object itself? 

Also, if they're required to enter this information in the web object itself, you're testing this after uploading to a web server or LMS, correct? Try to make sure you're not attempting to do this locally, even if it loads, I'm not sure it will function properly this way.

Christine Hendrickson

Ah good, then

I'm guessing the login information is sensitive? I'd be happy to check it out, or you can send the details over to us privately. Either way, I'd be happy to take a look. I'm not sure which service/site you're using for this, but if you can, you could make a test login account and we can try it out.

If it's not confidential, you're welcome to post the info here and I'll look at it as soon as I can.

If you need this to stay private, just send the info over to us in a case:

Articulate Support - Submit a Support Case

Thanks Sebastien!

Christine Hendrickson

Happy Monday, Sebastien

I was just taking a look at your case and I wanted to check in with you. It looks like there may have been some trouble with the messages Sid sent to you from the case. His last response was sent out on 22nd, asking if you had received his earlier response. Just wanting to make sure you saw that.

If you haven't seen it, I'd be happy to send it out again. Also, make sure the emails aren't going into your spam folder.


Leslie McKerchie

That looks like a reply number from forum correspondence.

Did you upload your files via the private link that I shared above? You should receive a case number from our support team confirming. I'm not seeing a case filed in your name recently. Can you try to submit your case again if you did not receive a confirmation?