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Apr 04, 2013

Hi Everyone,

Ok so it has just taken me about an hour to realise that the reason why my layers that work perfectly on one training module but not on another is because one has a webobject and layers don't appear in front of webobjects even if the webobject is on the base layer. Who would have thought right? Please say 'no-one' because I can't believe it took me so long to figure out. but really why would this one thing, being webobjects, behave differently to everything else?

In this case the webobject is part of prerequisite reading (on other modules the reading is a pdf that opens in a different window) and once the person has read it they confirm by pressing a button entitled 'I have read it'. the screen then greys out as a layer appears and gives options of where to go next in the training.

It seems like the triggers to show the layer don't work because it never appears but i realise now that it does work, but it is behind the webobject which is on the base layer.

Does anyone know how to make the layer go in front of the webobject? My solution so far is to hide the webobject on the base layer when the new layer appears. This isn't a really good option though.


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James Brandwood

Thanks for clearing that up Phil.

I will carry on with my current plan of hiding the web object on the base layer when the new layer is displayed. 

I guess if I want to be really particular I can always set up the webobject as a png or jpg background on a different slide and jump to that slide instead of using a layer.

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