WebObjects don't show in USB drive


I have a module with a page of js file insert as a WebObject, it works well as an individual module published for CD and stored  in USB drive.

However, when I published a menu with multiple modules(inculde that module), that page shows a warning message as below and just went blank. (CD format in USB drive) 


I don't understand why it works as a separate module but not work as a linked module. I need it work off line. I've been searching but can't find anyone has same problem as mine. Does anyone have a solution?

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Joanne Chen

Hi Phil, the web object is local and it published as a CD format, it runs the exe file. It runs well in web, but because the course will need to run off line. I need it to be stored in CD or USB drive and run locally. And will need a autorun when learners insert the CD or USB drive in their PCs.

Steve Flowers

The above shouldn't appear if running the projector (EXE file). Did you launch the EXE or launch story.html? Running locally, that message will appear if the Flash player is stopping communication between the storyline player and browser. Running the EXE short circuits the player's detection of local and allows the operation. 

Joanne Chen

Hi Steve, I launch the EXE file for a menu file which has links to open new browsers for multiple modules (Web Objects in the menu file). So when opening a module, it links to an index.html file. And the problem I had is a WebObject inserted in a module doesn't work if I choose story.html of the module as the index.html, but it works like Phil suggested when running the story_html5.html as index file.