Weebl & Bob - wobble animation possible?

Hi folks,

Does anyone know if it is possible to create a Weebl and Bob style wobble animation in Storyline using motion paths?

I thought I'd be able to use Michael Heinze's (I think) 1px circle rotation trick and limit the arc to 10 degrees wobble, using the Rotation value box but this doesn't work - I also had to double the height of my object in order to have the wobble's fulcrum to be the base - it's a shame we cannot specify the pivot point (hint hint).

I also tried creating a small arc but this just makes the item 'hop'.

I don't want to have to create states as there are way too many objects that need to wobble, and I also am not keen on attaching states to a slider dial either as this can look really clumsy and non-smooth.

Anyone ever successfully create a gentle wobbly animation?

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