Weird Behavior in STORY VIEW

Feb 13, 2015

Hi there,

Is it my computer or the Storyline misbehaving in the STORY VIEW panel?

The more tabs are open, the smaller my scenes are in STORY VIEW. I close all the tabs and its back to normal sized scenes.

Is there any customizable parameter in the STORY VIEW environment that I am missing out.

First post here, maybe I am doing it wrong.



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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Rich,

Welcome to the community! 

I'm not sure I'm following the set up you're describing - I tried to open all the slides from story view so that they were each their own tab - and I didn't notice that my story view thumbnails got any smaller. Maybe I didn't have enough slide open - I had around 20? There aren't a lot of customization you can make in story view - but you may want to review the information here. 

Techno10 Lorrain

Good day Ashley,

You got it right.

Interesting enough, I can't recreate the behavior now.

I should've print screen this. I reopened my project. It has seven scenes.
I opened all the scenes and nothing is happening now.

When it happenned, I solved the issue by closing all tabs but the STORY

I'll look into it and next time, I'll print screen the behavior maybe it is
related to something else I am doing.

I've been on Storyline for 2 weeks now, I will be a heavy user until
june(hopefully more). I've been hire to help production meet deadline on
this huge e-learning project.

Thanks you for your concern and fast reply.

Have a great weekend!

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