Weird behavior on question slides entry text

Hi there,

In Storyline 2, I am having a couple of entry text questions. On preview scene, if I press ENTER, we move on to next slide without submitting.  I tried controlling the behavior with a trigger redirecting the ENTER key to the same slide number without success.

It is embarassing 'cause learner might, while entering its text, press the ENTER key...

I must be doing something wrong? Is there something to do to avoid this behavior. Am I misunderstanding this question slide?

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Richard Lorrain

Ok, since we're doing a custom navigation, custom submit button, when I get rid of the default SUBMIT button in the player, the weird behavior comes back... Even when condition like 'equals to blank' is applied to the variable 'entry text x', the enter button seems to overide the variable.


Richard Lorrain

Ok, last post since I created all this mess in the first place : 

In order to get the behavior right and prevent the learner from advancing to the next slide by pressing the ENTER key, I did a custom question slide with a regular slide adding a text entry box and all our buttons, feedback layer and question layout mockup.

Problem solved. Hopefully it will help other sometime.