Weird button state not displaying correctly

I've had Storyline 360 acting quite funny lately. Not only were the slides not allowing me to edit by double clicking within Storyview (I have to right click and select "edit"), now this button has "gone gray" on me. I had been editing the states and using Format Painter to unify the buttons. Not sure when this actually happened. I have no idea if I did this but as you can see, it shows the correct colors in States.

I've attached a screen shot and saved the slide as a separate storyline file. 

Got any ideas??!!



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Jerry Beaucaire

Your question is unclear.  When I play your story, the first button is hidden but you animate a bullet to appear next to the hidden button, the same bullets appear for the non-hidden buttons.

I would think you would want to set the starting state for the "Why is Clean Important?" button to Normal as well.

Then set the starting state for REVIEW to hidden and remove the unnecessary trigger that was setting it to hidden, just set the starting state correctly.

Then I moved the trigger that sets the REVIEW back to NORMAL to the Slide Triggers, and now it is working, I think.

Karen Sergent

I never wanted the first button hidden. That was the problem. I did not create a trigger to change the state of the first button - the Review button is the only button that is suppose to be hidden at the start of the timeline. I didn't understand the trigger needed to be set up as a slide trigger.

 Thanks Jerry!