Weird error produces lengthy report for users - What's Happening!?!

Users from Indonesia of a course my company uses worldwide (US based) have reported that they have gotten lengthy reports instead of a working course. This isn't happening anywhere else that we know of. We use Success Factors and have replicating servers worldwide (but I don't know about Indonesia specifically).

Has anyone seen anything like this? Or, after looking at the report I attached, do you have an idea of where the failure is occurring? I think it's related to the network / LMS delivery rather than the Storyline course... but I'm really out of my depth here.

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Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Paul,

Sorry your post was flagged - it happens sometimes when our site things it's possibly spam. Luckily our team checks it and releases posts back into the wild! 

That error message does look similar to what you'd see if you had enabled LMS debug mode, but you could also look at testing it in SCORM Cloud. 

Michael Anderson

I assumed that but was just checking. :)  It does sound LMS specific then. Not the quickest solution, but you might have to wait to hear back from the LMS admin. I believe you can also turn on debugging by editing the published output from Storyline, but this is not something that could have been done by accident.

Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Paul,

I'd also wait to hear from your LMS team - or look at uploading a new copy to see if you can produce the same thing again. As Michael mentioned the LMS debug mode for Storyline isn't something that can turn on automatically or by accident- you'd have to follow the steps here to enable LMS debug mode.

Let us know if you hear back from your LMS team!