Weird formatting when import from PPT

I CAN import from PPT ... but, when I do, my slides end up looking like the image below. 

I have adjusted the size of the slide and tried importing again and I still get all of these orange boxes behind my text/images. Has anyone had anything similar? Is there something I am doing to cause this?

I open a new project in Storyline 360, click on the "design" tab to change the size of my slide (16:9), and then click to import PPT. What step am I missing?

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Tom Kuhlmann

Is the orange color somewhere in the theme color palette? My initial guess without seeing the PPT slides is that the orange is part of the design theme colors. You could try to change the theme colors to see if it changes the orange. If so, then you know that the orange is coming from the theme colors and need to probably look at the fill for the shapes.

If you want to share the PPT, we can test it.

Danielle Goldsmith

Thank you for your response, Tom. The orange doesn't seem to be part of the design theme colors, from what I can see.

I attached a couple of slides from the PPT, hopefully that will be enough to figure out why those orange boxes are importing when pulled into Storyline. 

Tom Kuhlmann

A few things I noticed:

  • The orange is not an object color. It's one of the light/dark background colors. My guess is that something in the template is telling Storyline to fill the transparent areas with that color.
  • I created a generic template and applied it to the slides and imported them with no issues. That tells me there's an issue with the PowerPoint template.

Essentially, Storyline unzips the ppt file and to see what ppt says is there and then rebuilds it. But it is at the whim of what ppt exposes. 

I'd rebuild the template using the design theme colors accent 1-6. Also, the fonts should be used consistently. I'd stick with heading/body fonts from the design theme only.

Personally, I'd rebuild the template in Storyline and then copy and paste the content into the template. This way you're not inheriting issues created by PowerPoint.

Danielle Goldsmith

Thanks again for the response, Tom. 

I was working with someone else on this project and we agreed that there's something wrong with the PPT and yes, we figured the best option was to rebuild the template in Storyline ... just thought maybe there was something we were missing! :) 

Thanks again for your responses and help!