Weird issues with Articulate 360 - any one else experiencing this...?

Oct 14, 2017

Hey all,

So first of all I want to explain that I do currently have a brilliant member of the articulate support team looking into my issues and helping although at present things are still not going well, but I'm interested to know if anyone has come across the same issues as I am currently experiencing...

  • Last week after running the most recent SL update my PC started to work really really slowly, then when I went to import a photo from the CL the search function got stuck on 'photos' and no matter which approach I took I could then not import an illustration, icon or video as the CL constantly reverted back to 'photo' in the dropdown list.  
  • Not too much longer after this happened SL then clashed on me and forced itself to quit.
  • Restarting the PC/ SL etc only worked for a minimal amount of time before the same thing happened again.
  • So long story shot I did some research and figured maybe my SSD was knackered so I I popped to the shop yesterday to by a new all bells and whistles one, installed it in my PC last night and spent the majority of the night re-building and re-installing everything from the original Windows 10 start up disk so this morning I basically had a brand new PC.
  • I currently have only the following things on my PC:
    • Articulate 360 (of which I solely use Storyline and have no need to download the other apps)
    • Microsoft office 365
    • Google Chrome
    • Opera email client
  • And about 10 minutes ago the same issue has just started happening again.

Now, I dont want to sound so negative here but as much as I love using SL I dont seem to be having much luck with it as I have been through 3 PCs in the last 4 years because it always seems to cause issues for me and ultimately end up killing my PC. So I have ended up either buying  a new top of the range PC  or building a new PC myself - either way the same thing always seems to happen.

Has anyone else been having issues? I literally only have the default firewall settings on my PC with no additional antivirus software running so in my mind the issue can surely only lie within SL...?

Any suggestions, info would be greatly appreciated, have a great weekend all!


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Joe Tansengco


May I ask what you what your task manager performance tab looked like before/during/after installation of Articulate 360? The reason why I asked is because this may either be due to your computer not having enough resources, or some other application/process is eating up your resources and not leaving enough left for Articulate 360 to run properly. May I suggest trying to open the performance tab of Task Manager while you install and run Articulate 360. This should give you an idea of which resource is being 100% used. Chrome is known to use up a lot of RAM, and if you had Chrome running in the background while also running Articulate 360, this may have caused some of the performance issues that you observed. 

Another possibility to look at is there may be something wrong with the installer that you are using, although if you downloaded this again during your attempt at installing Articulate 360 in the newly rebuilt computer, this may not be the case. 

When all else fails and you keep experiencing the same issue, it would be best to isolate if the issue is your hardware. You can try installing Articulate 360 on another machine and see if you get the same results. You can even install it in a Cloud Service Provider (AWS, Google Cloud) if you do not have access to another computer. 



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