Weird Logic

Apr 24, 2019

Can anyone explain what is going on with the logic of this Storyline 360?

Learners will need to visit two pages before they can proceed to another scene, so the next button is hidden until the condition is met:

Rectangle 1 & Rectangle 2 == visited

When learners visit start slide for first time, the audio plays, but the audio should stop when they return to the slide with the menu. I set the trigger to:

Stop media "Audio 1..." when NextOn (variable) is equal to True

When Rectangle 1 state is set to Visited the NextOn (variable) changes to True

The NextOn variable starts at False.

I displayed the NextOn variable to display. It shows as "True", but the audio is still plays when revisiting this page even though the trigger states to stop audio when NextOn==True.

Am I missing something?

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James  Bennett

I think I know what's going on but if you could share your .story file that would be handy.

At present, your trigger will only ever fire once: when they variable changes to true (which happens as they are going to the subsequent slide?)


I would possibly think about changing the stop audio trigger to something like this:

Stop Audio when the timeline starts with the condition of if the NextOn variable is true.



James  Bennett

Sorry for the slow reply. I didn't get an email notification!

As a general rule I tend to avoid triggers that rely on states, sometimes they won't fire correctly (or haven't in the past for me at least) so what I would do in this situation would have a variable for each slide that needed to be visited which would set to true when the timeline of that slide is visited.

These two variables being true would then be the conditions for the triggers that unlock the next buttons.

Take a look at the edits I've done and see if that helps!

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