Weird things with Shapes. I draw a shape and it starts with no fill and no line

Hello everyone

I wondered if someone could shed some light on an issue I've just started having.

I draw a shape and it appears as a bounding box only. The shape is there but its invisible until I apply a line and fill colour. Now when I do this the fill colour is fine but the line colour highlights a 1 pixel gap between the outer line and the inner fill. If that makes sense. I have never had this happen and wondered if I might have inadvertently selected something that does this now by default.

I have checked the line styles etc and nothing.

Any thoughts would be appreciated.



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Stefanie Lawless

Hi Frazer!

You can set a new default color/font to a shape! If you draw a shape and format it exactly as you want, then right-click that shape, you should see an option that says "Set as Default Shape". That will now be how all of your shapes are formatted when you insert them! You can also do that for buttons, and text boxes too!!! I hope that helps!