Weirdness with scrolling panels and triggers to layers/lightboxes!

Oct 02, 2020

Hi all

I hope someone might be able to give me some advice on this...

I have built an interactive form (built up from screenshots and put into a scrolling panel). Basically the content is to provide the learner with a guide for how to complete this form and what to put in each section/field.

On the form there are hyperlinks to each section of the form which I've built as layers. These scroll and link to layers beautifully. All good.

The layers include links to other layers. All good too.

What's happening is that when I preview and test the entire project all works as it should - perfecto!

But once I publish to Review, there are 4 'link buttons' that wont work. The hyperlinks wont activate the layers. 

I've checked the triggers and as I said, all works in preview.

I'm happy to load the .story if anyone could take a look? Or any other shout out would be fab!

Thank you!

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