Weirdness with states and screen readers


I am working on a course with a colleague and we're finding some very strange behavior when it comes to working with states and a screen reader. 

We have buttons (rectangle shapes) with text on the normal state and additional text on the visited state.  We want the screen reader (we're using NVDA) to read the normal state text, then when the user clicks the object, we want NVDA to read the text on the visited state.  It works if you use the mouse to navigate, but when you use the keyboard to navigate (no mouse), things get weird.  We have some buttons that work (NVDA reads the visited state text when you hit tab after selecting the object) and some that don't and for the life of me I can't figure out why.  I have attached a sample Storyline file with buttons from the course.  You can also view the weirdness here:  Any ideas why some objects work and the others don't would be greatly appreciated. :)


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