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Oct 02, 2012


When I publish in HTML5 The first screen I come to is a blank screen with a thumbnail of my first slide and a play button. (see below)

I would really like to be able to remove this or at least edit it to be a little more aesthetically pleasing, is this possible?

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Russell Still

I need to REMOVE that launch screen altogether and have it simply execute the page. I use this for password entry screens. It works great in flash, but popping up the launch screen first in HTML5 pretty much destroys the effect on an iPad.

I understand how the story_html5.html can be edited, but is there any way to skip the launch screen???

Eduardo Guerrero

It's incredible that after paying more than $ 1,300, we have to use tools like HyPE to achieve my goals.

I think that to get what users are proposing in this forum should not be so complicated and that technical support is not working as they should.

Users don´t want the splash screen appears when viewing HTML5 with iPad. Is it so hard?

I hope for you a satisfactory response.

Jamie Morgan


Simply make a feature request and that's something they can work on incorporating in a future update. To Brian's point, they wanted to roll out a tool that worked for all possible browsers because I can guarantee there would have been far more headaches from people wondering why their first page audio or video wasn't playing.  =-)

For those of you who were around when the first version of Captivate or Lectora came out - don't you remember how terrible those were compared to their current versions? Keep in mind this is the 1st version of Storyline so it's not going to contain everything under the sun.

Sorry, I just felt the need to defend Articulate a little as they are an amazing company compared to many of the others out there, especially when it comes to listening to their users.

Steve Flowers

Hi, Sam - 

In this instance, nope. Those instructions were for preventing the launch screen from holding up the launch of the mobile player on the iPad. The detection script opens up ioslaunch.html, which just sits there until you click the play button. The play button calls LaunchMobilePlayer(). The modifications for accelerating HTML5 / LMS HTML5 launch would be different.

Sam Carter

Steve Flowers said:

This file will only appear if you've selected "Use Articulate Mobile Player on Ipad" in the publish settings dialog. ioslaunch.html appears at the root of your published output if this box is checked.

That explains my confusion.  I understood this thread was about the launch screen in HTML5.  I'm not sure how we got on the Articulate mobile player.

Anyone find a way to code around the launch page in HTML5?

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