WFH frustrations

I am so incredibly frustrated!  I've been using Storyline 360 to develop eLearnings for several years, mostly in an office, but frequently WFH.  I am now WFH exclusively, as I'm sure many of you are, and have never received SO many error messages when working in Storyline.  Files are corrupt, something random about a "container",  "file is being used in another process", the errors are endless.  

What can I do to end this??  I'm linking in to my connection through a secure VPN network, and find myself saving every five minutes, but still get these error messages regularly. Am I the only one???


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Ren Gomez

Hi Barbi,

I'm sorry you're running into so many errors while trying to work from home! Michael's spot on here with the article, as it seems many of the errors you're coming across have to do with working from a network drive.

We often recommend saving the files locally while you work on them, then backing up to the network when you're done.

I've also opened a case on your behalf to connect you with a support engineer that can go into more details with you. Be on the lookout for a response soon!