Whack-A-Mole Game in SL2....

Jun 02, 2016

Hello Articulate Community! Today I'd like to share, get some feedback and hear any ideas or suggestions for a Whack-A-Mole game I started about a week ago. It's made entirely in SL2 and seems to be functioning smoothly. Just click the image to play.

Whack A Mole

I haven't been able to get the HTML5 version to work in Chrome for some reason but it works for me perfectly in IE, FF and Safari. Hopefully someone can shed some light on that for me. I'd appreciate it!

The one issue in the game I have noticed is when playing on hard . It occurs when a mole is clicked and a then another mole pops up from a hole directly above the previous one. It cuts the previous graphic partially so it looks a little strange. I could remedy this by moving the holes further apart but it doesn't really bother me all too much.

I'm attaching a version of the game to this post. Some of the graphics are missing, but just the decorative ones. Feel free to use it and ask any questions as to how to alter it. Enjoy!

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Daniel,

Thanks for sharing the file and letting us take a look at it. When you published for HTML5, did you do so using the latest update of Storyline 2 Update 9? I published a copy and uploaded to Tempshare here and that version the HTML5 behaved for me in Chrome - granted, I'm super slow and even on the easy mode I didn't whack any moles.... so I didn't test the hard mode, as my self esteem was already shot from easy mode. ;-) 


Daniel Sposato (Philly)

Hey, Linda thanks for checking out the game. Not sure how you got 6 out of 30 as it should only be out of 20 regardless of the level of difficulty. Never happened to me while testing. Gonna have to look into that as well I guess.

I know i have to adjust how long the moles stay up. I think I'm going to give them another 1/2 second before they go down. I'm thinking of making other animals pop up that the player is not so post to hit.

Thanks again!

Daniel Sposato (Philly)

Hey Brian, sorry I missed this. Been really busy as of late. I did help out someone else back in early October with the variables and I'll paste the info here from the email I sent him:

The game is pretty complex, but once you understand what the variables are doing it's more a matter of understanding the way the triggers are used and how/why they are used on different slide layers. But before I get into that I need to explain the text fields and the small blue bar that is off stage on the top right:

My test fields:

First thing you can do is move all of my test text field indicators and the Random Scaler (that's the thin blue bar) to the bottom of the interface. They are off stage to the side. These should more easily explain themselves in real-time. They will show you the values of the variables as you play.

Wack a Mole

Now if you run the game and play it, you will see these numbers changing as things happen in the game.

The Random Scaler:

When you run the game you should see the blue bar rapidly scaling about 10 times per second. This is used as a method of simulating the generation of a random number.


To preface: (So you understand how some of these values work with the game) The 9 mole holes are valued at 1-9 starting with the top 3 holes being 1-3, the next 3 under that are 4-6 and the 3 under that are 7-9.

Cue_Hit = the total amount of chances that count up for the player to bonk a mole (20 for all levels).
Rand_Num = a number from 1-9 displayed every time the length of the Random Scaler changes.
Grab_Num = a number from 1-9 grabbed from Rand_Num when the chosen levels (easy, medium, hard) timeline reaches a cue point. The value at the point of a cue point being reached will show the mole animation for the proper hole.
Prev_Num = a number set at the same time Grab_Num is set, so that triggers can compare it to see if the next cue point Grab_Num value is the same as the previous value for the previous cue point (this avoids causing the mole popping up in the same location twice).
Triged_Num = is not being used (I can't remember what I tried to use it for but I ended up not needing it).

Other variables I think are pretty self explanatory. But if you have more questions about them or anything else just let me know through an e-mail.

Thanks for the interest!

Dan Shannon

For what's it's worth, I took your game and made it a little demo scene to illustrate the concept of whack-a-mole in business.

It doesn't keep score and the moles aren't even random (couldn't figure out how to do that).

It's just a silly game to show the futility of the concept.

Thanks, Daniel.  Not sure if the client will like it, but let's hope...

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