What are all of the reasons that would cause a course's ims manifest ID to change?

Our current LMS is giving us problems when we attempt to overwrite an existing course. One of the known reasons is when the manifest ID is different than the manifest ID in the republished course. What I would like to know is what are all of the things that would cause the manifest ID to be different upon republishing the course?

For example, if I make a copy of the source file and republish it, will the manifest ID be different? What if I just make some simple text edits? What if I add or remove slides? Ideally, a comprehensive list would be nice, and I'm hoping others have some insight.

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Matthew Bibby

I'm not 100% sure Eric, you'd need to test this to say for sure.

Technically, the lmsmanifest will change each time the module is published (as the file itself will be republished). It may be that something as simple as a new creation date on the file will cause issues in your LMS.

Otherwise, you can be sure that the following will have an impact:

  • Any changes to publishing settings, including title, lms identifier etc. 
  • Any changes to images, videos, audio files etc.
  • Any additional slides added or removed
  • Any additional fonts used
  • etc.

If you open the lmsmanifest.xml in a code editor you'll see the info that it contains. For example:

 <file href="story_content/6FMDijY2eZg_DX64_DY64.swf" />
<file href="mobile/6FMDijY2eZg_DX64_DY64_CX32_CY32.png" />

The above represents one slide and you can see by the inclusion of a .swf that I'm publishing to both Flash and HTML5.

 <file href="story_content/video_5gi3mshpC9j_18_96_980x614.mp4" />
<file href="mobile/video_5gi3mshpC9j_18_96_980x614.jpg" />

The above references a video and the thumbnail the video uses  in the HTML5 output. 

 <file href="html5/data/css/output.min.css" />
<file href="html5/data/js/5aC3FrzwhX3.js" />

The above includes the CSS used by the HTML5 output and the JavaScript used to display one slide.

 <file href="index_lms.html" />
<file href="index_lms_html5.html" />
<file href="index_lms_flash.html" />

The above is included as I'm publishing for an LMS... and so on. 

Not every LMS is strict on their implementation of the SCORM standards. This means that you may be able to delete all of the file href's from the manifest and still have your module work.

Technically, this shouldn't be the case, but many LMS's would allow it. If yours does, you could just drop a custom lmsmanifest into your output each time you publish.

Hope that helps a bit.