What are the best microphones to record narration?

   Hi e-Teachers!

   We have to buy a good mic in the work. But firstly, I would like to know which models works satisfactorily recording voices. I would like to know which microphones have you tried. And, what's about your experience with the condenser micriphones?

   I read about the Samson C01u one. Used with a pop filter.


   What do you think? Could be a great solution this mic with a tripod and the pop filter?

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Mel Aclaro

Hi Luis,

I've used the Samson condenser mic you referenced.  It's good.  I've also used Blue's Yeti (http://www.bluemic.com/yeti/).  Both are very good.  If I had my druthers -- and assuming your recording environment is relatively "clean" of ambient sounds -- I'd opt for Blue's Yeti, with the pop filter you mentioned.

The thing is, they're so good that they will also record any ambient sounds in your recording environment.  In fact, I now only use the condenser mics when I'm recording from my home office where my environment is better controlled than my business office -- where there are a/c vents and non-padded / hollow walls.  It's very noticeable.  

Interestingly, when I record audio in the business office, I get better audio quality when I record using a plain 'ol Plantronics headset with a boom mic and then follow that up with a little noise and bass filter processing using Audacity software (free).  (Here's a short "how to" I wrote:  http://www.screencastingwizard.com/2011/04/01/how-to-remove-background-noise-from-your-screencast-audio/   )

Bottom Line

Others in the forum might have other guidance.  But, IMHO, I'd say:  If you're environment is clean of ambient sounds, I'd go with either of the condenser mics you mentioned.  (Depending on your budget.)  But, if you have limited control over your environment, I'd opt for a good headset / boom mic.  A couple of reference below that might be helpful:

'Hope this helps!

Luis Catalán Lebrón

   Really thanks for both!

   We are thinking about isolating a room in the office. Not only to record sound. Also for the doubt's resolutions on line chat.

   After your explanation, Mel, probably we will decide to buy this equipment:

      - Mic Samson C01u: http://www.samsontech.com/samson/products/microphones/usb-microphones/c01u/

      - Spider mount Samson SP01: http://www.samsontech.com/samson/products/accessories/microphone-accessories/sp01/

      - Pop filter Samson PS01: http://www.samsontech.com/samson/products/accessories/microphone-accessories/ps01/

      - Stand Samson BT4: http://www.samsontech.com/samson/products/accessories/microphone-stands/bt4/

   I'm already using Audacity. But for the first tries I used some filters more like Ecualization to enhace the sound's quality. I suppose that ussing a condenser mic I'll only use the "reduce noise" filter.

   Moreover, really good tutorial from Andre Costa. Should be published in the index of Articulate Tutorial. And a really good idea to record in the closet!! jeje. I will consider it when my work becomes to teleworking!!

   Really thanks, workmates!!

PS. When I buy the equipe I'll publish the money expended on it.