What are the cue points tied to?


I'm having trouble understanding how setting a cue point and using it for a trigger is different than setting a trigger at a particular second. My assumption was that tying a trigger to a particular second makes it happen when the timeline hits that second, and that cue points are tied to particular points in a media file. I would like to have a layer appear at a specific point during a video, regardless of whether the viewer has skipped ahead using the video seekbar. But the layer won't appear until the allotted time passes on the timeline (where I set the cue point). So what makes cue points and seconds different? They seem to both be tied to the timeline. What am I missing?

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Walt Hamilton

My take on this is that you can set several triggers to happen at a cue point. Then later, if you need to change them you can change them all at once by changing the cue point,  If they are set to the timeline, they all have to be changed individually.

As to what you want to do with the video, so do a lot of other people, in one form or another, but it is beyond the scope of SL.

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Laura,

Glad you've figured this out a bit further - if you're enabling the video seekbar, it's no longer connected to the slide timeline so things may become out of sync as the user can drag the video seekbar separately - so just something to keep in mind as you're looking at the timing elements.