What are your favorite Storyline timesavers?

Here's a list of my top 5 timesavers: 

  1. Quick access toolbar
  2. Titles!
  3. Keyboard shortcuts
  4. Using the player Menu option as a review tool.
  5. Duplicating slides, triggers, etc

To learn more about my top 5, visit my blog:    http://learnnd.blogspot.com/

What's your favorite Storyline time saver?  And no, it doesn't have to be just one...

2 Replies
Christine Hendrickson

Definitely have to agree with both of you, those are all some great features.

Personally? I adore the Format Painter. I play around with tons of shapes, etc., and this saves me a lot of time. 

Import feature. *nods* I like to pull in slides from many other courses, but most of the time I'm pulling in from the course I'm currently working on . It may not sound like a time-saver, but if I mess up and don't want to go back through all of the changes and I haven't saved - I just import from the file again.. while it's open. Awesome? I think so