What browser? What output? This will help you troubleshoot...

From time to time, you may run into issues with your Storyline courses. 

The trickiest to resolve are those that you can't reproduce and only seem to happen for some people, in some circumstances. 

By adding the below functionality to your course, you'll be able to get more information from those users who are having issues.

The way it works is you put an Execute JavaScript trigger on the Slide Master and set it to execute when the user presses a special keyboard shortcut. You want this to be a key combo they usually wouldn't press, e.g. Ctrl + Shift + \:

Then, add this code into the Script section (please change the email address to one that you control):

​var player = GetPlayer();
var email = 'your_email@address.com';
var browser = navigator.appVersion;
var path = window.location.pathname;
var subject = 'Browser Information';
var emailBody = 'You can enter additional information here' + '\n\n' + '--------------------Please do not change anything beneath this line.--------------------' + '\n\n' + 'Browser information: ' + browser + '\n\n' + 'Pathname: ' + path;
var mailto_link = 'mailto:' + email + '?subject=' + subject + '&body=' + encodeURIComponent(emailBody); win = window.open(mailto_link, 'emailWin');

The idea is that when someone contacts you to say there is an issue, you can ask them to go to the course and press Ctrl + Shift + \ and then send you the email that is generated. The email will look something like this:

This above tells us that the learner is using Chrome and that they are viewing the HTML5 output.

You can paste the agent string (the information following Browser information:) into this website to determine what browser they are using.

And you can look at the end of the pathname (either html5.html or flash.html) to tell if the Flash or HTML5 output is being viewed.

Hope that helps.

Any questions, let me know. 

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Matthew Bibby

Good point Brian.

If using Gmail, you can set up a service handler to make sure mailto: links open in Gmail (see here). I'm sure other webmail providers offer similar things... but unfortunately many people don't do such things. 

Alternatively, you could integrate this code with something like Bastiaan's Export to Google Drive solution and build up a database showing what browsers are being used and what output they are viewing.

The JavaScript would need to be modified a bit to work responsibly (you don't want to be writing to the database every time a slide loads for example) and obviously you'd want to change the trigger to not require the key combo.

But then again... you could just use Google Analytics...  🧐