what can make me professional but not expensive?


i have watched  story-line up and running and advanced techniques from Lynda videos;but i think I am not aware of everything and i have to learn more than this. 

i found my problems in designing and not knowing the Colors and the second one is not being able to use all potential of this software.

help me please. 

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Brian Allen

Hello Amir,

So many places this conversation could go...  You mentioned design and color theory.. both of which are important and I would add proper use of typography. In this area having some understanding of adult learning theories and a basic, high level understanding of a development process such as ADDIE would be helpful as well.

From a software point of view, practicing and learning some of the next level aspects of the tool would be valuable, such as effective use of sliders, motion paths, variables and triggers. Learning these aspects of the tool will allow you to more quickly create smooth, sophisticated interactions and even learning games within your Storyline course.

My advice is to find some resources online that can help you with the first area (color, design, ADDIE, etc.).

Also, find cool examples of Storyline courses and features in this community that offer a free sample file (there are literally dozens!). Download the file, deconstruct it, then rebuild it until you understand some of the more complex aspects of the software.

Storyline is like an onion.. Once you learn one layer of the tool you find that there is another layer underneath.

Hope this helps,


Christie Pollick

Hi, Amir -- In addition to the great advice and ideas you have already received, here are a few opportunities for paid training. However, as you mentioned cost may be a factor, please check out the following:

Beginner's Guide To E-Learning

What You Need to Know to Create Amazing E-Learning

LOTS of FREE e-Books! 

Hope that helps. :)