What do you name slides? How to organize slides?

I'm new to SL, trying to figure it all out. :)

I have a course where I have an introduction, but part of the introduction (Sharing Information with Other Employees) spans three slides. Do I name them all the same thing? How do I name them in a way that make sense (since they show up in the menu on the side of the player).

Here is an example that was on the SL tutorials. How do you get the slides organized into sections with the quiz branching off? The second attachment is my menu, which looks like a hot mess right now. :(

I'd like to get in good habits setting up scene, slides, and naming so that the menu to the left looks clean, organized, and makes sense to learners.

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Bob O'Donnell

You could do a couple of things. One would be to keep the title and add "cont." to the end. If you're concerned about 508 at all, then add a number to the slide title, either by itself or in sequence 1 of 3, 2 of 3, etc. In our case we had multiple Knowledge Check screens so for 508 reasons they were named Knowledge Check 1 of X, Knowledge Check 2 of X, Knowledge Check 3 of X throughout the program. This also helps for review purposes so the reviewer can comment on the proper slide.

Without seeing the program, I don't see anything too unusual about your slide organization. If its set up to take in order, once they finish the last quiz slide in Blue, you would jump them to Green scene to continue and so on for the Red scene.

If your slide info is broken down into header sections, you could use those as well in the title. Whatever you decide to do, just be consistent for your users.

Sharing Information with Other Employees
Sharing Information - PII Data
Sharing Information - Legal

If its one extra slide, just use "cont." If its more than one add numbers.

Sharing Information with Other Employees
Sharing Information with Other Employees cont.

Sharing Information with Other Employees
Sharing Information with Other Employees - 2
Sharing Information with Other Employees - 3

Jennifer Lynn

Thank you,

For quizzes do you use the number format to? Quiz 1, Quiz 2, ect?

The example showing red, blue, green was a example of what I would like my workflow to look like. That was an example from another SL user. All my slides just go straight down the page. These branch off. I'm not sure how to do that. Even their quiz branches off to keep things neat. My quiz slides just continue on the end of my scene in one loooooooong list of slides.