What do you use Camtasia for in relation to Storyline/Articulate360?

Oct 07, 2019

I've heard some IDs talk about how they use Camtasia as well as Storyline. In what use cases would Camtasia be helpful as a supplement to this software package? I use the Articulate product suite for my creation needs (Replay, Rise, etc) and am curious as to how Camtasia supplements the work you do. What can you do in that software that you can't with Storyline, and/or what does it do better/when should you use it? Thanks!

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Jerry Beaucaire
  • Storyline only does "sizing" animations as entrance and exit.  A little "zoom" as well, works great for the most part.

    Camtasia has control of objects in all 3 spatial directions.  So along with having some fabulous transitional effects you can apply between images not found in SL, when handling a single object if you have surgical control of its position and size and movement from moment to moment.  (XYZ axes, plus twisting on all 3 as well.)
  • The timeline layout in Camtasia is the same as (for the most part) as SL, so it's familiar.  But in Camtasia you can line things up more accurately than the 1/8 of a second you get in SL.
  • Numerous objects all moving in multiple directions, fading in and out under their own timings, growing/shrinking, all on top of each other... it is much easier to accomplish COMPLEX versions of this in Camtasia than it is in SL.
  • And of course, if you create a few minutes in Camtasia as a video, you can have background music all throughout, something that is much more difficult to achieve (IMO) in SL.   (I once created an entire course in LAYERS just so I could have the base layer music on the whole presentation).
  • The audio editing tools are better in Camtasia (snipping, volume, fading), though still not notable.
  • Lots of premade animation assets and effects that can be applied to objects and text that would take forever to imitate in SL.  (Lower Thirds, transitions, behaviors).
  • Text manipulation is way easier in SL than Camtasia, but the clarity of the text effects keeps Camtasia at the table, even on that item.

For the price, Camtasia is very usable.


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