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Daniela Slater

Sorry, just not getting it.  I took this from ELH post and it seemed there was transparency over the notes.  Not sure exactly what I am to do.  I believe I removed the hot spots and drew rectangles and applied transparency.  Still getting the same result.  Are there some steps I can get?  Is there something I am missing? 

New attachment.

Daniela Slater

Thanks Jackson.  I do want the layers to show when I click on each note.  I also want the Incomplete layer to show if all three notes are not clicked on (viewed).   I have this ok up to the point where all three are viewed and now I can't stop the Incomplete layer from appearing when I click Next.

Tracy Parish

Hi Daniela:  I think you might have complicated things up a bit for yourself by using the variables.  I've done this myself before thinking to design what I need to happen I need to put variables here and here and here, and sometimes you can do it without all that.

Take a look what I've done on Slide 3.  I got rid of all your variables on the slide and layers.  I also got rid of your transparent rectangles.  Also not needed.

You already have states for each of your "notes", so use those as the clickable item.  Click the note, go to the layer.  Once on the layer, as soon as the user clicks the X to exit (be sneaky and put a checkmark back on the note on the base layer) set the note to "complete". 

If they click the next button and any one of the notes is still "normal" then show the incomplete layer.  If all 3 notes are now "complete" then let them move on to the next slide.

Hope that helps look at it a different way for you.

Michael Hinze
Terra C.

I am using PNG images and it does not work.  No hotspots.  The learner clicks on an image, they jump to a slide.  Once all images are "visited", they can then advance to the next slide?

Does this not work with PNG images?


Providing that your png images have states, it'll work just like with any other object.

Char Larkin

I set up my slide according to a recent screencast showing how to do this using a "visited" state for each image.  But it does not work.  Just to test and compare, I added a few shapes on the slide and it did work just fine when "visiting" the shapes.  So I am thinking that it may not work for PNG images.  

Thanks -- Terra


Char Larkin

I have an update. Below is the Screencast that I followed. What I did not notice until recently, is that the Visited States have a glow once visited. I missed that. I had not created an edited State for my Visited images. This author also did not mention this as a step in the process so it must have been assumed.

Also, even though I had set up my variable and triggers correctly, I had grouped all images, text and some buttons to better organize my timeline. It did not work until I ungrouped the images that would be Visited.

Thank you for your suggestions. It helped me to figure this out!



LaVon Bowman

Hi. I have a slide in Articulate 360 that has five markers that need to be clicked before the next button is active. 

I created a new True/False variable ("Slide15Complete") set to False.

Then created a trigger to Adjust variable, "Slide15Complete", =Assignment, Value True,

When: State On: All of.

Then selected all five markers, Are: Visited.

But the red flag with the warning "Flagged objects do not have the selected state." displays.

See attached. Can you help me with this?

Vincent Flynn

Hi everyone, I'm a Storyline newbie and I'm also having trouble with this. I want to restrict progress until each of my slide layers have been visited.

I have followed everyone's advice and created new states for each of my images, which has worked fine, and when I visit each image my progress arrow layer appears as I want it to.

But, because I have further info layers that are triggered to appear with a mouse hover, if you revisit the image, my progress arrow disappears.

I can only assume that it gets hidden behind the information layer if that makes sense.

Any help would be much appreciated as I am pulling my hair out trying to resolve this.