What does 'Not assignment' mean?

I am learning Storyline.

I can't understand exactly how 'Not assignment' work.

When I make True/False variable and Adjust variabe at Trigger Wizard, I can see '=Not assignment ' in operator box.

I usually use '=assignment' so that I can change value, but I don't know when I can use '=Not assignment ' .

And one more question. When I choose '=assignment' ,  I could choose 'Variable ' in Value box.  How does it work? When can I use it?

I understood the usage of changing value which can control True/False variable but I couldn't understand the usage of changing variable.

Please let me know~

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Michael Hinze

The Not Assignment operator toggles a T/F variable; if it is True, it will be set to False and vice versa.

The Assignment 'Variable' option can be used to assign the value of one variable to another. For example, the value of one variable is the result of a previous calculation on an earlier slide, which you then want to assign to another variable at the beginning of another slide and then execute other calculations on it. Here are two simple examples.

Dongyup Han

I really appreciate your explanation, Micheal Hinze.

I think I can understand the function of these two variables because of your kind explanation.

However still I want to know when I can use these variables. Could you give me specific examples that use these variables?

It is getting complicated for me as I study storyline, but it is really fun pondering storyline programme.  

Thank you .

Michael Hinze

Hi Dongyup, there are loads of applications for these types of operators. Here is one example of the "not Assignment' option in action. Clicking the Pause/Play button toggles a 'PlayAudio' variable. If the variable is True, then an audio file is played and the state of the button is changed. If the variable is False, then an audio file is pause and the state of the button is changed again. I can' think of a good 'math' example right now where you would assign the value of one variable to another, but I'm sure that as you continue learning SL, you'll run into situations where this option comes in handy.

Joseph Francis

That functionality has been replaced with Toggle.

In the Trigger Wizard, select Adjust Variable. Select your True/False (otherwise known as Boolean) variable. Now, notice the word Set is underlined? You can either explicitly set the T/F variable's value to True or False, OR you can have Storyline toggle that value each time the trigger is invoked, by changing Set to Toggle.