What does this do? Title toggle

Hi folks. Maybe I have asked this before (it's bugged me for a long time now), but what does this toggle button do, actually?

I have used slide masters as much as possible over the years and I have never seen this button 'do' anything. I create lots of layout variants within a build and most times it is hit and miss if I need to add a new text placeholder on a master slide layout if it's already gotten a title and body copy placeholder. 

When I go back to the slide, it is anyone's guess which text box the content ends up - invariably the title is in the body box and vice versa.

I know that the Articulate site has the following explanation of what it should do, but can I ask, has anyone ever seen it do this? Anyone? Is there a video explainer that can bring me through a step-by-step walkthrough of its functionality?

Just curious. But seriously...

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Diarmaid Collins

That's a great explainer, Vincent. Many thanks.

I don't know what has been odd about my methodology with Master page layouts over the last 6 years but toggling that button has never shown/hide the placeholder boxes.

I tested it now with a completely new file and, lo and behold, it functions just as you describe.

I guess the template I have worked from all this time just didn't link to a master slide title box.